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PRO FUE Punches

With a thinner wall and
a sharper cutting edge

Recipient Sites Blades
Made from Single-Edge Prep Blades

Especially designed protective packaging

Next Recipient Sites Blades
Made from Top Quality Stainless Steel

Thinner and more durable than blades
cut from single-edge prep blades

Mayer Handpiece Adaptors
Facilitates depth control & precise skin penetration

Accommodate Pro & Standard Punches

Fits in vast majority of hand pieces
when used with Pro FUE Punches
SWISS Jeweler style Forceps, non-magnetic stainless steel,<br> style 5S-SF, 7mm angled, super fine tip, 4-3/8" (11.2 cm)

Easily fit into smaller recipient sites, e.g., sites created with 0.6 & 0.7 mm blades
Next  Strips (Box of 5)

Currently unavailable