Product Description

Transplant surgeons are becoming more aware of the importance of hair shaft diameter in the final result of hair transplantation. The volume of hair is "3.14 x radius square x length of the shaft." Therefore, as the diameter goes from 30 microns to 60 microns to 120 microns, the volume increases 4x and 6x respectively. Hair diameters range from 15 microns for very fine hair up to 140 microns for very course hair, where the hair diameter of an average person is around 70 microns.

With this, stand alone, accurate and high resolution micrometer, you can easily and quickly measure hair diameters and better predict your final result. Measurement is made by placing a hair in between the micrometer's plates and bringing the plates closer together. The reading result is displayed on a lighted LCD display.

  • 0.001mm Resolution Electronic Thickness Gage

  • 0mm to 12mm Measurement range

  • Accurate up to 0.0002" / 0.005mm

  • 1.5 N Measuring Force