1.0mm :
1.5mm :
2.0mm :

Product Description

  • New long spacers with a flat top, limit depth of incision and facilitate adjustment of the scoring depth
  • Depth marking / gauge on bottom edge of top spacer, indicates the scoring depth, i.e., where blade bottom edge and top spacer bottom edge intersect
  • Spacers are made of (laser-cut) "metric" non-standard stainless steel sheet metal, ensuring accurate setting of strip width
  • Scoring spacers fit into the Variblade™ knife handle
Guideline for spacers’ selection:

1. Select 2.0 mm spacers to set the minimum strip required. For example, if the minimum width required is 8mm, select 4 x 2.0mm spacers.

2. Select a combination of 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm spacers to set to widths in the range between the minimum width and the maximum width. For example, if the minimum strip width is 8mm and the maximum strip width is 18mm, then you can for example select additional 10 x 1.0mm spacers or 4 x 1.5mm & 4 x1.0mm spacers.